The Nuvo H2O Water Softener Review

There are a few saltless water softener systems available , but one of the best, judging by customer review is the Nuvo H2O water softener...

One of the leading brands of the newer, salt free, water softeners, available in the United States today are the Nuvo H2O water softener range. It is an unfortunate fact that over 80% of North Americans live in an area classified as a ‘hard’ water area, and the effects of this on the appliances and pipe work of homes are plain to see.

Unsightly lime scale build up on sinks, showers and faucets are the most visible effects of hard water, but the effects of these deposits on our expensive home appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and boilers are not so obvious but can lead to frequent repair costs and dramatically shortened lifespan for these expensive items.

For many years the only solution for householders in these hard water areas was the installation of a salt based water softening system. However despite their effectiveness many people were unhappy with certain of their qualities. Complaints about the water feeling ‘slimy’ due to the salt content, the effects on the environment of their salt laden waste water and the need to further filter their drinking water supply have led to the development of new types of salt free systems in recent years.

Nuvo Water Softener Models

picture of nuvo h2o water softenerOne of the most popular of these is the Nuvo H2O water softener complete salt-free water softening system. The Nuvo system is available in three sizes, determined by the number of people in the home and it’s square footage, the Studio retailing at around $500, the Home at about $690 and the Manor at about $950. All consist of a small unit which is quickly and simply fitted to the water supply as it enters the home, usually hidden discreetly away beneath the kitchen sink.

As the water supply passes through the unit it is subjected to a process of chelation, which Nuvo call ‘ CitraCharge Cell Technology’.  Food grade citric acid is used by the Nuvo unit to break the bonds between the molecules of Calcium and Magnesium which are the cause of scale in the water system. This removes their ability to be deposited as lime scale. A major additional benefit of the system is the fact that the treated water will remove any existing scale deposits which it comes in contact with as it passes through the home, cleaning and rejuvenating your pipe work and appliances as it does.

NuvoWater Softener Refil Cartridges

Replacement cartridges are easily and quickly fitted to the unit and are widely available both locally and online and should last approximately 6 months with normal usage. If you would like to take advantage of the benefits to be had by conditioning your home water supply but are reluctant to invest in a salt based system the NuvoH2O complete salt-free water softening system is a deservedly popular choice.

Small and discreet, using no electricity and environmentally friendly, Nuvo have the confidence in their system to offer a full, 90 day, money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on all their products should you not be 100% satisfied with their performance. There are many positive owner/user Nuvo H2O water softener reviews which you can read here  – basically 66/84 of those leaving reviews gave this system 4 or 5 stars. There are a few 1 and 2 stars where apparently people said it was awful or it didn’t work (don’t let this put you off take a look at some of the really positive outcomes of using this system that customers have experienced and detailed) , generally mainly good reviews.

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